US election 2020: Eric Trump shares false Biden-teleprompter hearsay

Eric Trump false tweet

The U.s. president’s son, Eric Trump, has tweeted a video that falsely claims Democratic candidate Joe Biden used a teleprompter to help him solution questions in a tv interview.

Eric Trump wrote “Unreal”, above a 26-2nd video with the headline: ‘Biden stuck red-passed using a teleprompter’.

Telemundo, which broadcast the interview, said the claims were fake and that it “has never allowed any individual who’s being interviewed on its news programmes to read solutions from a teleprompter”.

The network stated it had arrange a TV monitor to allow audience to pose inquiries to Mr Biden.

On screen, a lady had addressed a question to Mr Biden, after which the tv it seems that went blank. Mr Biden said: “I misplaced that lady” – now not “I misplaced that line“, as the tweet shared by means of Eric Trump had claimed.

Symbol copyright Getty Images Symbol caption President Trump rehearsing a speech with a teleprompter

after all, such a lot politicians use a teleprompter when making speeches, and both Mr Trump and Mr Biden had been picked up in the media for his or her stumbles whilst delivering speeches.

Trevor Noah’s The Day By Day Display published a video in overdue August of Mr Trump tripping up over his words during a speech. The video was once captioned: “Wasn’t reading off a teleprompter supposed to be easy?”.

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