US Election 2020: While can we get a consequence and could it’s contested?

US Election 2020: While can we get a consequence and could it's contested?
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After polls shut in the US presidential election, it could take days or even weeks to seek out out if Joe Biden or Donald Trump has gained.

Millions more Americans are anticipated to vote by means of submit as a result of coronavirus, that means a prolong in counting all of the votes is very most probably.

When will we frequently get a US election result?

the end result of the election is additionally known as on the night of election day, which this yr is 3 November.

Different states stop vote casting at other instances. the first polls close at the East Coast at 19:00 local time (00:00 GMT).

That Is adopted by way of a running total of votes as they’re counted in each state.

However, the united states Postal Service, that is chargeable for handing over postal ballots, is present process finances cutbacks. President Trump has blocked further funding.

there is fear over whether the service will be capable of take care of the volume of ballots and that the delivery of many might be not on time.

Postal service warns of delays in mail-in vote depend what’s US row over postal provider about? Do postal ballots lead to balloting fraud?

How are postal votes counted?

Postal votes also take longer to depend when they have arrived.

Different states have other rules over how and after they count them.

Most states will most effective include postal ballots received by the time polls close on election day.

But a few states like California will accept votes as long as they’re despatched by means of the day of the election, despite the fact that they arrive weeks later.

Counting postal ballots takes longer as a result of every vote must have a signature that is matched with a separate signature on a registration card.

Some states like Florida will begin counting postal votes earlier than election day – but most states do not get started counting them until the polls have closed.

In 2016, the overall vote overall took more than a month to count. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton stretched her lead within the nationwide well-liked vote, but Mr Trump had already received sufficient states to safe the presidency.

How is Donald Trump doing within the polls? Has Trump added on his guarantees? What Joe Biden wants to do Where does Donald Trump stand on key problems?

Could there be delays at polling stations?

Standing in a line at a polling station will still be the most not unusual manner American electorate forged their ballots.

But those electorate could also face problems because of the pandemic.

A Few states have already started in-person voting, and there had been experiences of large queues.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption States like Massachusetts have drop bins for early postal vote casting

the bulk of individuals will vote on 3 November, and it is expected that fewer polling stations than usual will be open and considerations were raised about employee shortages.

Familiar problems like misguided balloting machines also are possible.

Will Trump and Biden accept the result?

there may be a chance the early leader on election night time may not win – a prospect made more likely by means of postal voting.

Mr Biden has stated he’ll accept the entire end result however has insisted: “Count each and every vote.”

Hillary Clinton, who stood against President Trump in 2016, has mentioned Mr Biden cannot concede on election night time “beneath any instances because i feel that is going to pull out”.

President Trump says November’s election could be topic to “super fraud” on account of postal ballots – despite there being little evidence of this.

He has refused to decide to a peaceful switch of energy if he loses.

What happens if the election result’s not standard?

President Trump mentioned he believes the election consequence could end up within the US Excellent Court Docket.

This has took place sooner than. within the 2000 election, Democrat Al Gore claimed his slender margin of defeat in Florida will have to lead to a recount.

It took 36 days and the Excellent Court Docket to make a decision against a recount to settle the contest in favour of Republican George W Bush.

Quite A Lot Of prison demanding situations could emerge this yr – including everything from the identity necessities for postal vote casting, to the legality of Covid-similar changes to balloting.

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